Poverty is not inevitable. It’s unfair. And with your help, it can be ended.

Thanks to generous people who include Oxfam in their Wills, women like Sopheap (below) have access to improved farming methods. This means more food, a better income, and a chance to send her family to school.

“I feel very happy when I see the children working hard at their studies thanks to the money and stationary I provide”

– Sopheap, Oxfam beneficiary.

Meet Sopheap

For more than 60 years, Oxfam has fought poverty and injustice. Our vision of the future is one that’s both fair and free from poverty. With a  bequest in your Will for Oxfam, you’ll give a generation hope for the future.

“Oxfam covers the breadth of my interests, it appeals to me. I like the way they work in partnerships with local people to campaign for the environment, clean water, health or humanitarian issues — a bit of what they do, is a bit of what I’m passionate about!”

– Ewan Ogilvy, Oxfam bequestor.

Meet Ewan

In just the last 20 years, the world has seen great progress with more than 660 million people rising out of poverty. One third of the world still continue to live below the poverty line.

But you can help change that.

A bequest in your Will makes a better future possible.

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