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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Why Oxfam & Bendigo Bank?

A fair go. A bright future. A helping hand. At Bendigo Bank and Oxfam Australia it’s our commitment.
Together we can create prosperous communities. Together we share a partnership with a purpose.

A partnership with a purpose

We believe people should be treated fairly and that together we can help more people prosper. Collectively we seek to empower people and communities by providing a hand up not a hand out.

At Bendigo Bank we are good with money, but we are more interested in the good that money can do. At Oxfam Australia we exist to mobilise the power of people against poverty.

We share a common goal, to tackle poverty, grow prosperity and create thriving communities. We can achieve this because we have the backing of our customers and supporters. We believe that partnerships with a purpose make great things happen.

By choosing to bank with Bendigo Bank you can support Oxfam’s work in Australia and around the world. By selecting products like the Bendigo Bank Community Saver account you can choose to donate a portion of your interest to Oxfam providing a vital source of ongoing funding.

Bendigo and Oxfam are working on new ways in which you can make a difference with your everyday banking and there will be more exciting developments coming soon.

Find out more about how you can support Oxfam through the Bendigo Bank partnership. If you would like any information about how your organisation can engage in partnership with Oxfam Australia please email the Corporate Partnerships team.