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Business partnerships

You and Oxfam, tackling poverty together.

Oxfam works to empower the lives of poor and vulnerable people around the world. To be the most effective, we work in partnership with local organisations to make a lasting difference to peoples lives.

But we need partners here in Australia to support our work and help fight poverty and inequality. Oxfam works with business in a broad range of ways and aims to establish holistic relationships that deliver strategic value to its partners and their customers.

One example of how Oxfam works in the field is to help people living in poverty find a fair and sustainable income. In Bangladesh Oxfam supports crab rearing as an alternative earning source. Oxfam and partner NGOs work with more than 300 women in crab rearing by providing training and establishing market links between producers and crab exporters.

Businesses that partner with Oxfam get the opportunity to profoundly touch peoples lives and to communicate the values that drive them.

See the difference your organisation can make. Become a partner of Oxfam and help us tackle poverty.

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