Oxfam Unwrapped will teach your kids how someething like a goat or a chicken can help children around the world

Oxfam Unwrapped in the classroom

Oxfam Unwrapped with help your class fight poverty around the world.

Raising money for gift — like a goat for a family in Mozambique or a water-testing kit to be used after a natural disaster — is also a great way to further ethical and intercultural understanding (Australian Curriculum general capabilities).

You can choose gifts related to your students’ current topic of study too – we cover food security, water, health, education and many regions across the world, including Australia.

For more information, download the Oxfam Unwrapped information poster — it’s printable, so you can put it up in your staff room too.


To see the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts available — so you can connect your class to the world and give lots to those with a little — visit Oxfam Unwrapped online.