Straight Talk

Straight Talk connects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with the political system and builds the capacity of women as change makers. With a focus on practical tools and confidence, Straight Talk brings people together to share, learn and be effective in making a difference.

The program includes opportunities for relationship-building between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, information-sharing and developing strategies for change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Straight Talk focuses on developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s skills to make positive changes through political engagement, while also increasing engagement in public and political life.

Since its inception in 2009, the Straight Talk program has brought together more than 650 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from across the nation.

The program culminates in a summit in  Canberra, where participants learn about Australia’s political system and while forming powerful networks with each other and with women of Federal and State Parliament.

The next National Summit will be held in 2021 in Canberra. Follow us on Facebook for updates or contact the Straight Talk team on email or call +61392899370

Straight Talk Regional

Straight Talk has delivered regional gatherings in Alice Springs, Nhulunbuy, Cairns, Perth, Melbourne and the Torres Strait, and most recently in the Kimberley! Oxfam has recently partnered with Kimberley organisation Aarnja to deliver the region’s first Straight Talk.

Regional gatherings provide women with the opportunity to come together with others from their region to develop their advocacy skills, build relationships with each other and with decision-makers where possible, and to explore ways of being more effective in the changes we are making.

Straight Talk Regional Gatherings are an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in remote areas to participate in the Straight Talk program. Not all women are able to attend a week in Canberra so we take Straight Talk to the regional areas to work in collaboration with women’s organisations and community stakeholders.