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Ethical Fashion Season is here!

It’s been a few weeks of catwalks, convos and clothes inside out – and with the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapseMB Fashion week + Fashion Revolution Day, it seems like the perfect time to go behind the seams and talk ethical fashion. Welcome to 3things’ Ethical Fashion Season – a celebration of compassion fashion, ethical clothes, sartorial sanity, mindful buys, upcycling and recycling and reinventing, and demanding better working conditions for those who make our threads.

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First up, we want to talk fast fashion and why companies need to publicise the location of their factories. If they stay hidden there is no way we can be sure how the people making our clothing are getting treated. Issues like whether workers are being paid a living wage, how safe their work environment is and whether they have access to unions are all the things that our companies are responsible for. Many companies are keeping most of these things hush-hush. And that needs to change. So here’s a cheeky (literally) way to ask your favourite brands the hard questions + a handy ‘Frequent Bulls*** Answers’ guide to cut through the crap. Email us screen shots of your conversations to win a $500 Cue voucher. 

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Our resident bloggers have been furiously investigating and entertaining with all things fashionable – Simone from 3thing’s sat down with  journalist, author and creator of the “Green Oscars”  Lucy Siegle during her visit to Sydney for the All About Women Festival. Her book “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World?” has become an ethical fashionista’s bible and one that encourages us all to look underneath the seams of our clothes and towards the stories behind the labels. Tegan talks upcycling in her series, Part 1 looks at the new big players The New Joneses and Retrash, and in Part 2 How to Op Shop Like a Boss, and Chloe weighs up just how ethical H&M is upon it’s launch in Melbourne this month.

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Its not all talk – we also wanna share with you some of the love! We’ve partnered up with some pretty amazing players in the Ethical Fashion space to bring you a whole host of brilliant prizes – Peppermint mag subscriptions, Etiko vouchers, Kow Tow clothing packs, LUSH Comestic packs, Loving Earth Chocolate, Bread and Circus vouchers… and in exchange all we want is some pics of you in your favourite ethical threads! Get ye to instagram and show us your selfies to land these goodies. On Friday we also hosted a pretty inspiring panel brekkie with some incredible minds in the industry – the images and video will be up in the next couple of days. 

As well as all this you’ll find a treasure trove of tips + tricks on shopping +swapping + inspiring designers + projects and awesome videos onlineSwing by throughout the month of May to see who’s writing about what related to the fashion industry, events and comps we’re running,  as well as a few other loose threads to help you make your life that little bit more fashionable.