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10 photos that rocked last year’s Close the Gap student photo challenge

Instagram may have a reputation as a breeding ground for selfies and photos of brunch, but in March there’s a reason to put those filters to good use.

This year’s Student Photo Challenge is running from March 16-20. More details are available in the National Close the Gap Day How to Guide (available when you register your school for National Close the Gap Day) and on the Close the Gap School Resources page.

In the lead up to the 2015 Close the Gap Student Photo Challenge – which comes with a chance to win awesome prizes for students and schools – let’s have a look back at some of last year’s winners.

These students from around the country provided some creative, thoughtful and symbolic images for an important cause.

1. Alana, VIC

To Close the Gap, she knows health equality is in our hands.




2. Molly-Rose, VIC

Art teachers, we’ll leave it up to you to ponder the sophisticated use of materials and symbolism in this awesome image. Breathtaking and very clever.



3. Ashley-Jayne, NSW

Community and unity are central to the Close the Gap campaign. This hand painting, incorporating the colours of the Aboriginal flag, makes for one powerful image.


 4. Miranda, VIC

Great tilt shift filter use and awesome use of the Close the Gap campaign temporary tattoos. Brilliant!




 5. Liam, NSW

Using the trusty wisdom of Mahatma Ghandi, this student captured the idea that it’s the responsibility of every Australian to create change. Stellar work.


6. Roxy, QLD

These pledges are integral to the Close the Gap campaign so the government know that Australians around the country are still demanding health equality. Hats off for showcasing the inspiring work they’ve been doing.


 7. Graham, NSW

Great filtering and clear message. Graham knows a thing or two about imagery.


8. Monique, NSW

We love the way Monique used chess pieces in their interpretation of ‘equal’.


9. Alana, VIC

Lego! What a cute and clever way to convey an important message about closing the gap. And we especially love that Alana stuck to the ‘no faces’ rule.


10. Glebe Public School, NSW

Glebe Public School was loud and proud about their support of Indigenous health equality, producing this beautiful image.


Register your school

For National Close the Gap Day, engage your students with this issue of national significance. Hold a Close the Gap Day event, join the Close the Gap Student Photo Challenge, take the 30 for 2030 Challenge and more.