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National Close the Gap Day

National Close the Gap Day

After more than 2 decades Oxfam’s school program has closed. Our commitment to tackling poverty and empowering communities continues. The resources on these pages will no longer be updated.

Head to the Close the Gap website for resources and registration for schools.

– March 2023.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are dying 10–17 years younger than other Australians. Think about that ― a non-Indigenous child who started primary school this year may outlive an Indigenous student completing Year 12. Your school can do something to help change this.

Join the hundreds of thousands of students and teachers across Australia who are standing for health equality by holding a National Close the Gap day activity!

Run a National Close the Gap Day activity

School resources

Run a National Close the Gap Day activity

It could be a special school assembly, a lunchtime event, a class activity – anything you like!

In the meantime, we have plenty of online resources available to help you begin integrating Close the Gap into your 2019 planning.

School resources

Australian Curriculum-aligned classroom resources:

Live Strong: Close the Gap is a free, education resource inspired by the Close the Gap campaign. Written for Year 7–10 students studying the newly endorsed Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education the resource was created in collaboration ACHPER. It helps students explore issues surrounding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, promote inclusivity and plan health practices and strategies to enhance their own health and the well-being of their communities.

Chatterbox – a free educational resource that can be used in small groups to prompt discussion on issues surrounding National Close the Gap Day. In the larger classroom, groups can divide questions and then present the main points from their discussion.  The activity includes some basics on having a civil and empathic debate.

Australian Curriculum relevance

Our school resources have been produced to assist teachers integrate National Close the Gap Day in the classroom and address learning outcomes.  Discover how these resources link to the Australian Curriculum:

Our resources can also be used across subjects and learning areas such as English, Society and Environment, Health, Civics and Citizenship, History, Geography, Art, Social Justice and Indigenous Studies.