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Our executive team

Our management team leads Oxfam Australia’s work by engaging our key stakeholders in setting direction and harnessing the passion and commitment of staff and supporters.


The Chief Executive and four executives form our management team. Each executive heads a specific section of the organisation and is supported by business unit managers and their staff. Our functions and activities are divided into the following areas of work:

  • international programs
  • public engagement
  • fundraising and resource growth
  • corporate services

The management team is supported by associate directors who assist the management team’s work in specific high priority areas. Together, they comprise the Executive Leadership Team. The associate directors include a Chief Information Officer and Associate Director of People, Culture and Planning.

Meet our executives

Role and processes

The Board develops policies that set the organisational results that the Chief Executive must achieve and situations and actions to be avoided. The Board authorises the Chief Executive to make all operational and strategic decisions, providing they are done according to the board guidelines and policies the Board sets.

The management team works together to achieve these organisational goals by:

  • Providing leadership to individual sections and the agency as a whole
  • Creating a supportive, motivating environment for staff
  • Ensuring that we work effectively and meet our accountabilities to stakeholders
  • Communicating our vision, philosophy and approach

The team meets regularly to address organisation-wide operational and strategic issues. Quarterly planning days are held to focus on strategic issues.

As required by the Board for succession purposes, the Chief Executive is required to ensure that there are at least three executives who could undertake the role of Chief Executive. When the Chief Executive is on leave or overseas for work purposes, the role of Acting Chief Executive is rotated among the executives.


The Board Chair convenes a small group of Board members to assess the performance of the Chief Executive annually, considering a variety of third-party input received from Board members and staff members who directly report to the Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive conducts a formal performance appraisal with each management team member every year, using the performance management guidelines created for Oxfam Australia staff.