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Fairtade farmer in Kup District, Mangle Village, Papua New Guinea. Photo: Jerry Galea/OxfamAUS


Trade has the power to generate incredible wealth, and elevate people out of poverty.

So why then, are millions of people still so poor?

Because the rules controlling trade heavily favour rich countries. And it’s these rigged trade rules and double standards that are stifling trade’s potential to lift people out of poverty.

The fact is something’s very wrong with world trade. We’re committed to putting it right.

We’re asking for “fair trade” – trade rules and government and company practices that enable people, including poor people in developing countries, to reach their full potential, while respecting their basic rights.

We’re working with organisations around the world to shift global trade rules so that they help millions of poor farmers and workers in developing countries trade their way out of poverty.

And we’re working closer to home to promote Fairtrade products in Australia. This is where where you come in.

You’re powerful as a consumer – what you choose to buy shapes the world we live in and can literally change someone’s life for the better. So grab yourself a Fairtrade coffee.