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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Program works with and through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partner organisations. We carry out inclusive community consultations to see what our partner organisations want and need, to determine where we can add value and to ensure we are not duplicating existing programs. We strive to build respectful relationships with partners; aiming to work with them by sharing knowledge and power, collaborating, and responding to local contexts for better outcomes for communities.

Since 2017, ATSIPP has been piloting a project focused on the strengthening of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations. Depending on the demand and needs of the organisations, Oxfam is providing technical support in the areas of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation and grant writing. We are currently involved in a 12 month partnership with Djirra, an Aboriginal community controlled Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service to develop monitoring and evaluation systems to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work.


Oxfam has been working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in many forms forover 40 years and has built a strong legacy working with, not on behalf of partner organisations and key stakeholders. In all our work we seek to develop genuine and honest relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their organisations. Oxfam Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s Program (ATSIPP) partners with several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, as we believe that a partnership approach is the best way to support the self-determination and capacity of communities.

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