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Our strategic direction

Oxfam Australia is ready for the next phase. Our 2020–2025 Strategic Framework seeks to build on our success and strengthen our efforts to deliver a just and sustainable world without the inequalities that keep people in poverty.

This document is a critical point-in-time response to the external and internal situation we find ourselves in. We are operating in a globally interconnected, fragile and volatile world, and our work is more relevant than ever. However, our operating environment is more constrained, so we need to do better, and we need to contribute to and leverage the global movements and local actions that we are a part of.

Our 2020–2025 Strategic Framework is aligned to the global Oxfam 2030 Strategy Framework. It is based on evidence and feedback and incorporates many views from our team and stakeholders. It aims to provide the strategic direction for our organisation over the next five years and provides the parameters for what we will do. It will be supported by a new operating model, shorter-term operational plans, and work that scopes our role, future activity and the impact we want to achieve both as a member of the Oxfam confederation and as an influential INGO in the Australian sector in our four new focus areas. We look forward to sharing more of this work with our supporters and stakeholders when complete.

Our vision

A just and sustainable world without the inequalities that keep people in poverty

Our purpose

We relieve and eliminate poverty.

See more in our strategic plan on a page.