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Photo: Cam Cope/OxfamAUS

Our Impact

For us, success is achieving positive long-term change in the lives of people we work with. This means empowering people to control their lives and achieve their human rights.

To achieve this, we are constantly asking questions about our work, so that we learn from what we do, how we might do it better, and more effectively reach more people in need. Oxfam Australia has a dedicated Development Effectiveness team and Country Office Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning staff that are committed to this task, gathering and assessing evidence of impact and learning to ensure that in all areas of our work we are doing the best we can.

By monitoring and evaluating our development programs, advocacy initiatives and campaigns, we are also able to verify that we are observing the codes of conduct, policies and program standards that guide our work. By setting these standards, meeting them and learning about how it was done, we can constantly improve on the quality of what we do. Importantly, we are also ensuring that we do no harm.

As an organisation, we work towards building transparency and honesty about our performance. In addition to publicising our plans and evaluations, we invite feedback and complaints about our performance from all stakeholders. Please feel free to contact us.

An important aspect of this is empowering our local partner organisations and the communities with which we work to actively participate in planning, building and learning from the work we do, and to hold us to account for our performance and the commitments we make to them.

Through these processes we are also held accountable for the money entrusted to us by our donors.