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Affiliations & partnerships

Oxfam Australia works with hundreds of program partners; small and large organisations that work locally to deliver programs that help to save lives, and tackle poverty and injustice in practical and innovative ways. We also work with our partners and allies to deliver programs at the national and international level. By developing relationships with organisations, coalitions and movements that share our values, we aim to address the root causes of poverty, vulnerability and injustice.

Adopting this approach means that the people and communities we seek to benefit develop their own equitable and long-lasting solutions as well as the confidence and skills to voice and claim their rights.

In designing and delivering our programs, we work to ensure that people with disabilities, who are particularly vulnerable to poverty and other disadvantages, have equal access to all of our programs, so they can meaningfully participate in them and benefit equally from them.


Our partners include peoples’ movements, trade unions, non-government organisations, other Oxfam affiliates, networks, academic institutions, government agencies and the private sector. They are local, national, regional or global in scope.

Together we work on development projects, fundraising initiatives such as Oxfam Trailwalker and campaigns such as Make Poverty History and Close the Gap, Australia’s largest-ever campaign for Indigenous health equality.

We also have a number of key institutional partnerships working on a range of other important projects.

Oxfam-Monash Partnership

Since 2008, Oxfam Australia has participated in a dynamic collaboration with our academic partner, Monash University. By combining the skills and resources of each organisation, this partnership aims to improve the effectiveness of international development efforts around the world.

With this goal in mind, the Oxfam-Monash Partnership works in three key ways:

  • funding participatory action research projects that aim to empower communities on the ground and find new ways of supporting positive development change.
  • inspiring and developing the next generation of development leaders through a range of student engagement programs.
  • building the knowledge and skills of development practitioners through public discussions and learning events.

Find out more about the Oxfam-Monash Partnership.

Business partnerships

We work with a variety of corporate partners that are helping us to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty.