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Photo: Carla Gottgens/OxfamAU

Oxfam-Monash partnership

The Oxfam-Monash Partnership (OMP) is built on a simple idea – that working in partnership can achieve more than working on one’s own.

Development organisations and academic institutions both play key roles in global development and poverty reduction. When they work together, they have the capacity to make an even bigger impact. The Oxfam-Monash Partnership was established to forge new solutions to development challenges, and to enhance the contributions of both Oxfam and Monash to positive global change.

The Oxfam-Monash Partnership (OMP) works in three key areas:

Participatory Action Research. Funding Participatory Action Research projects that bring Oxfam and Monash staff together to trial and develop new community empowerment initiatives. Research findings inform development programming and policy at Oxfam and beyond.

Practitioner Development. Providing learning opportunities for development practitioners through tailored workshops and public discussions. These events promote learning, collaboration and knowledge-sharing that strengthen development efforts.

Student Engagement. Engaging the next generation of development activists and providing them with opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the work of the development sector.

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