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Executive Directors from Oxfam New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Oxfam International, meeting in Australia. L-R: Andrew Hewett, ED Oxfam Australia, Barry Coates, ED Oxfam New Zealand, Jeremy Hobbs, ED Oxfam International (centre, brown jacket), John Sayer, Director General Oxfam Hong Kong, Akiko Mera, ED Oxfam Japan, Nisha Agrawal, ED Oxfam India.

Oxfam International

We are a member of Oxfam International, a global confederation of 20 organisations working together with partners and local communities in more than 80 countries.

Together, we can:

  • link up development programs to reach more people, avoid duplication and learn from each other
  • campaign internationally with a united global voice on some of the world’s biggest problems
  • be the first to respond when an emergency strikes, providing funds, aid workers and relief supplies within hour

Program management

All Oxfam affiliates have agreed to change to the Oxfam confederation’s management structure.

Historically, the Oxfam affiliates that make up Oxfam International have worked closely together on global campaigns such as Even it Up and on major humanitarian emergencies such as the Nepal earthquake.

However, each affiliate has largely continued to run its own development programs — a situation that means that multiple Oxfam affiliates work side-by-side in some countries.

We are now bringing these programs together so that in each country, all Oxfam development programs are managed by a single Oxfam affiliate. Other affiliates will still be able to contribute to program work in a country they don’t manage, through funding and implementing projects.

Having a single strategy and leadership will mean we can be better coordinated and more effective at combining our resources, skills and knowledge to do even more to combat poverty around the world and ensure programs have the greatest possible impact.