Youth Program

More than half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are under 25. Oxfam Australia works in partnership with youth to create, empower, and effect lasting change.

Oxfam supports young people to increase their capabilities in order to affect change and play active roles in their communities. There is great potential to encourage strong future leadership by guiding and empowering young people to be strong, confident community members and leaders.

An often unheard story is that of the growing national movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who have seized opportunities and drawn strength from each other, and their passion for change. Our work with young people aims to build on this positive energy, widening networks and working across sectors to ensure that young people have their voices heard.

Skilling up in human rights

Through the Diplomacy Training Program in Sydney, 200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth have gained valuable human rights knowledge. From the program they learn about international human rights law, community development, and lobbying and campaigning skills.

“I’m more aware of different tools and avenues to take in terms of advocacy. This program has really empowered me and given me hope that we don’t have to “suffer in silence” but we can start advocating for our peoples.”— Diplomacy Training participant.

“I feel that it’s so important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to understand and be aware of their rights and it’s a powerful tool to use when advocating on important issues concerning our individual communities.”— Diplomacy Training participant.


ChangeCourse engages a group of around 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 18—25 in leadership and skills development over a two-year period. The initiative focuses on involving young people who already possess experience in enacting change at the community level.

ChangeCourse encourages and empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to further develop as change agents that play specific roles in creating positive change. The ChangeCourse initiative aims to further develop the capabilities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to lead projects which progress change and assert self-determination.