Naughty or Nice 2021

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Published on 25th November 2021

In 2021, the Naughty or Nice List is about brands’ progress towards paying a living wage

This would lift the women who make our clothes, and their families, out of poverty.

Which brands have made a real commitment to a living wage, and who is lagging behind? This year Oxfam’s naughty or nice list is singling out those brands who are yet to take any steps towards paying a living wage and congratulate those who have made commitments to separate labour costs in price negations.

Rita isn’t paid a living wage

Rita is a helper in a factory near Dhaka. Even when working seven days per week, Rita constantly grapples with how she can afford the basics.

Rita has worked in the garment sector for 14 years, forced to raise her three children as a single parent after her husband left the family and remarried. There were times when she was barely able to feed her family and could only buy leftover cooked rice for food.

Her two daughters are now married, living with their husbands and children. A desperate lack of food for herself and her son for an entire month prompted her reluctant decision to send him to his father and step-mother to live when he was aged 13. She still sends about a third of her monthly wage to the living and education expenses of her son, who she only gets to see on national holidays.

Rita also suffers many health issues, but taking time off work is not an option. She tells of a time in 2009 when she was sick and malnourished and told to take time off to recover. When she returned to work, she discovered she had been dismissed and had to re-apply for her job—stripping her of years towards her long service leave. Big clothing brands must pay women like Rita a living wage.

Demand the Naughty brands pay a living wage!

Click the links to the brands’ social media and leave a message asking them to pay a living wage.

Here’s some text you can copy and use:

Hey [brand] – I’m really disappointed to see you on the Naughty List and I know you can do better. Will you make a public, time-bound commitment right now to paying a living wage? I care about #WhatSheMakes and want the women who make our clothes to be paid enough to live on.

Stand with the women who make our clothes and demand big brands pay a living wage

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