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Apathetic, self-obsessed teens? Whatevs…students tackling the tough issues

The Concord Project

“As students, we can trigger real change if we speak with one united voice to those in power. ” Cheltenham Girls High School Prefects

The 17 minute video that you are about to offer your time and attention to is well worth it. Just in time for Refugee Week  Sunday 17 June to Saturday 23 June, which celebrates the theme ‘Restoring Hope’ — this video does just that.

As someone who sits and watches Q & A with her Facebook refreshing, Twitter all a-fumble, while attempting to write reports, watching a lengthy YouTube clip on my small computer screen is, well, hard.

But when you watch this highly polished, educational and creative student-produced video  from start to end, you’ll understand why you’ll resist multi-tasking and find a way to incorporate it  in the school day.

What is this video about?

The video focuses on The Concord Project, a  Cheltenham Girls High School student initiative which focuses on the issue of prolonged immigration detention of children in Australia.

The students at Cheltenham Girls High School are a great reminder that there are students making ethical, thoughtful and generous decisions, and who really are making a difference. I am certain their school community support was an influencing factor in their success but it’s the students themselves who are proving that their generation DO care. Finding ways to create positive social that is meaningful to them may just be the ticket.

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