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Intern spotlight: Fazal Ullah –Straight Talk Political Engagement Internship

Canberra, ACT. Oxfam Australia Intern Fazal at Parliament House.

Fazal Ullah is currently completing an internship placement at Oxfam Australia, working alongside the First Peoples Program on Oxfam’s recent Straight Talk Summit. As part of his placement, Fazal recently went to Canberra to assist the team with the National Summit. Fazal spoke with us about his experience at the Summit and as an intern at Oxfam so far:

1. Hi Fazal! Could you tell us a bit about what you were doing in Canberra recently and your internship placement?

I was in Canberra as part of the Straight Talk National Summit. Straight Talk is a program run by Oxfam’s First Peoples Program and connects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with the political system and builds the capacity of women as change makers. Including a focus on practical tools and confidence, Straight Talk people brings together to share, learn and be effective in making a difference.

I was part of the team working to deliver the successful event. During the event week, I was assisting participants with registration at the help desk, assisting with logistics as well as keeping the participants safe and comfortable throughout their stay.

Following the conclusion of the Summit, I am also supporting monitoring and evaluation of the program. Using my SPSS skills, I am working on quantitative data analysis for the evaluation report.

2. How was your experience completing your internship at the Straight Talk Summit?

My experience of working alongside the team at the Summit was really engaging and empowering. Prior to the National Summit, I assisted different aspects of the program from political engagement to logistics management. The most exciting part of the internship was being in Canberra at the National Summit and getting to meet so many amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. If I were to describe my experience in one word, I would say “inspiring”.

3. Would you recommend volunteering/internships at Oxfam to anyone who might be thinking about signing up?

Absolutely, yes! Oxfam provides a very fulfilling volunteering experience. As a volunteer or intern you will learn new skills, make new friends and broaden your network. Your time and efforts will help relieve and eliminate poverty. Come join us and be welcomed into our ‘Oxfamily’.

If you would like to find out more information about volunteering and completing an internship at Oxfam Australia, please contact or visit here.