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  • 272,264 people
  • 16% living on less than USD $1.25/day
  • 9.3% don’t have access to safe water

Ni-Vanuatu society is founded on strong family and kinship networks. Traditionally these strong family ties, together with the church, provide a social safety net for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Hardship, however, is widely perceived to exist with 16% of people living below the national poverty line. In addition to this, natural disasters, climate change and economic shocks further impact on people’s livelihoods. Increasing resilience and wellbeing requires the reduction of structural barriers and inequalities that constrain the opportunities and voice of women, young people and people with disability.

Oxfam envisions a Vanuatu where all citizens, especially those who are disadvantaged and less powerful, are resilient and empowered with the resources and opportunities they need to prosper – even when affected by climate change and disasters.

Key areas of work

Effective Leadership and Governance, Resilience and Disaster Response, Gender Equity and Sustainable Livelihoods

One story of change

Gideon Iamar, 27 (pictured in orange t-shirt with wife Aileen, 26 and son John, 5). Photo: Amy Christian

Gideon (pictured in orange t-shirt) with wife Aileen and son John. Photo: Amy Christian

“When the cyclone happened it sounded like a big whistling sound. I’d never heard anything like it in my life. I was really scared,” said 27-year-old Gideon of Port Vila, Vanuatu.

“The walls shook so hard. Rain water came inside so we had to move the children up onto the tables.”

Gideon’s home was completely destroyed by Cyclone Pam. His family – wife Aileen, 26, and son John, 5 – were one of the many families who received hygiene kits distributed by Oxfam at temporary evacuation centres.

“It will take me several months to rebuild and repair the damage of the cyclone, as I don’t have the finances to build back quickly. I have no money.”

“In our community we don’t have any clean water, we used to use a well but that has been contaminated now. In the next few months my biggest worry is food though. At home our garden is damaged so we won’t have any food available.”

See Oxfam’s current response to Cyclone Pam.


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