Face of climate change: Sahena Begum from Bangladesh is leading community efforts to deal with changing weather Photo: Amin/OxfamAUS

Faces of climate change

It’s easy to get bogged down in the debate and forget the human impacts of climate change. Climate change is not just an abstract debate over statistics – it’s about people and the impacts they’re facing.  Yet, these stories of impact and adaptation from the frontline of climate change often go untold. Until now.

Our Faces of Climate Change short film series brings you first-hand accounts from communities grappling with the impacts of climate change.

Follow the stories from the Pacific, through the rice fields of Vietnam, the plains of Uganda, to the farms and fishing grounds of Australia and beyond.

Be inspired by the Faces of Climate Change. And then join us to take action.

Watch the Faces of Climate Change videos above

Clean Water Saves Lifes

Dairy farming in Bangladesh

Across the world, women are more likely to live in poverty. But in Bangladesh, dairy farming is creating income for women like Aklima. Together, we can help more women take control of their lives.

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