Australia’s aid effort

Despite being one of the wealthiest nations, successive cuts to Australian aid mean our nation is on track to its lowest ever level of aid spending.

Some facts about Australia’s aid program:

  • Australia currently spends $5.03 billion dollars on foreign aid – that’s 0.32% of our gross national income, or 32 cents in every $100
  • But, recent plans have been set out to drastically lower our aid spending. New cuts planned for the May Federal Budget will lower Australian aid to around 22 cents in every $100 of our national income by 2016. This will be the lowest ever level of Australian aid in its 60-year history.
  • The Australian Government and Opposition have both pledged to increase overseas development assistance to 50 cents in every $100 before the last Federal Election. However, neither major party currently has a clear timetable for achieving this goal.
  • This leaves Australia lagging behind many other developed nations, including the UK, who has lifted its aid spending to 70 cents in every $100.
  • Australia, with one of the highest incomes per capita in the world, currently ranks a low 13th out of the 28 wealthy OECD member nations that give aid – and with the proposed new aid cuts, we will fall down the list to 19th.

One of our nation’s greatest accomplishments

In the last generation, humanity has made great progress in shaping a more just and equal world:

  • We’ve cut global poverty by 50% in the last ten years
  • We’ve doubled the number of people who have access to clean water
  • We’ve dramatically reduced the number of children dying every year, and
  • We’ve nearly halved the number of women dying during childbirth

Together, through Australian Aid, we’ve all played a part in this story. When we work together to break the cycle of poverty and inequality, we empower women, men and children around the world to take control and turn their lives around.

Australian Aid helps some of the world’s most promising people build a better and fairer future.

Add your voice to the movement committed to a brighter future for Australian Aid.