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Show your support for Robin Hood

Photo: OxfamAUS

The Robin Hood Tax (RHT) is a tiny international financial transaction tax designed to raise billions annually to tackle the impacts of climate change on poverty. Specifically designed not to hit consumers, a RHT has the added bonus of helping to reduce volatility in global financial markets.

Both the G20 and the European Union are considering introducing a Robin Hood Tax. But they won’t act unless the rest of the world comes on board too.

June 22 is a Global Day of Action. Join this international action in support of the Robin Hood Tax. Show your support for this innovative solution to these major global problems but donning your merry hat and joining the action too!

Your three steps to success:

  1. Make yourself a Robin Hood Hat
  2. Place it artistically on an iconic spot, for example, on a statue (being sensitive not to do this on a memorial statue)
  3. Take a photo and post it in our Flickr group

Your photo will join our montage that we’ll deliver to Wayne Swan before he heads to the next G20 Finance Minister’s meeting.

You can also write to your local MP and Treasurer Wayne Swan, asking them to support a Robin Hood Tax at the upcoming G20 meeting.