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Gaza Crisis - Donate to Gaza Now

3things 4 Africa and humanity

More news from our 3things youth movement!

We’ve been looking at East Africa. Our 3things friends aren’t experiencing compassion fatigue. In fact, they’ve been running their own events to raise funds and awareness.

East Africa is something that is forefront in the minds of our 3things friends – the comments we’ve received from our readers have acknowledged how fortunate we are to live in Australia and that something needs to be done to help the Horn of Africa.

Speaking of our great 3things friends, Sydney University held their annual Humanitarian Week. It was an engaging week that was crammed with events and activities to help people engage with social justice in a new and vibrant way. The Sydney University Oxfam group even held an Exchange 4 Change clothes swap and all proceeds went to East Africa.  We had a smashing time swapping our clothes for new ones!

What are your 3things?

Image courtesy Oxfam East Africa