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Close the Gap and the NRL tackling Indigenous health inequality

For the fifth year running, the NRL is dedicating a round of matches to Close the Gap – Australia’s largest campaign to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The round (3-6 August) will raise awareness of Indigenous health inequalities, but also encourage further cooperation to Close the Gap between our leaders and communities!

Remind the Government that we need action to end the Indigenous health crisis.

Rugby League was the first Australian sport to join the Close the Gap campaign to improve Indigenous health. Now, many of the League’s teams also participate in community outreach, Indigenous health related, activities throughout the year.

For the Close the Gap Round, the NRL are taking additional steps to bring attention to the campaign. A number of teams are playing in specially designed jerseys with Indigenous designs, many will feature Aboriginal speakers and performances during particular games and all of the teams are urging the Australian public to show their solidarity for Close the Gap.

This year, the Close the Gap Steering Committee and many grass-roots volunteers will be present at the majority of games to spread the word about Close the Gap too.

Whether you’re in the stands or at home watching the game, make sure you help us tackle Indigenous health inequality by writing to the Government and signing the Close the Gap pledge!

What you can do:

by Close the Gap campaign co-ordinator Tom Widdup