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Good by name, awesome by nature: Julie Goodwin does it again!

A tense moment from last night's episode of MasterChef All Stars.

Last night, Oxfam Ambassador and MasterChef extraordinaire Julie Goodwin went home from MasterChef All Stars, where she’s been cooking up an absolute storm in support of Oxfam Australia over the last few weeks.

There was barely a dry eye in the house as the departing Julie spoke about meeting some of the people who’ve benefited from Oxfam’s work.

“A few weeks ago, I was privileged to meet some women from Africa who were beneficiaries of some of Oxfam’s programs,” she said. “As we talked together with our language barrier, what I realized was that we’re all the same. All we want is a fair go for our kids.”

Julie Goodwin meets Roseline, Gertruida and Collette, farmers from South Africa, who've benefitted from Oxfam's programs. Photo: Michael Myers/OxfamAUS
Julie Goodwin meets Roseline, Gertruida and Collette, farmers from South Africa, who’ve benefitted from Oxfam’s programs. Photo: Michael Myers/OxfamAUS

During her stint on MasterChef All Stars, Julie used her famed culinary skills to raise a monumental $15,000 for Oxfam. “That $15,000 is going to save human beings’ lives, it’s just as real as that,” she explained last night. “I’m so filled with gratitude — not just for the brilliant experience I’ve had … but for the fact it’s saving lives, it’s saving the lives of people that I’ve now met.”

Julie, thanks a million for your tireless efforts supporting and promoting Oxfam’s work, and congratulations on your success in MasterChef All Stars – we’re so proud of you!

Watch Julie in action on last night’s episode