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National Day of Climate Action

We know that action to prevent further changes in our climate is central to food security around the world . Hunger caused by climate change is hitting poor communities in developing countries the hardest. Scientists overwhelmingly agree that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and intense and that this change in our climate is caused by us polluting the atmosphere with dangerous greenhouse gases.

Climate change will force 50 million more people into hunger by 2050. Over half of the 4 billion people in Asia (60% of the world’s population) live near the coast, making them directly vulnerable to sea level rise. Climate change is affecting the worlds most vulnerable people and is causing poverty and hunger.

We’re working to stamp out poverty, and the impacts of climate change if left unchecked will increase poverty. Poor people in developing countries are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, yet they have done little to contribute to it.

Rich countries like ours who have contributed most to climate change have a responsibility to take action but we aren’t doing enough. World leaders are in gathered in Poland as part of international efforts to cut pollution, but our own government is at the same time busy dismantling what many economists believe is the best mechanism to reduce carbon pollution.

You and Oxfam can fight poverty together and demand stronger action to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution; join tens of thousands of other Australians for a National Day of Climate Action this weekend.

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Sunday the 17th of November is the going to be the biggest day of action with events being held in every Australian capital city.

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