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Celebrating Mandela’s Birthday

Oxfam is honoured to be involved in the birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela.

The event, organised by Ses Sayer, will raise funds for Oxfam Australia and will feature live music, an Oxfam Shop stall selling Fair Trade products from South Africa and a photo exhibition about Oxfam’s work in South Africa focusing on how women farmers are coping with a changing climate.

International icon for peace and social justice, Nelson Mandela  died the 5th of July 2013 in Johannesburg, leaving behind him a great legacy of inspiration. This great man  not only led the fight to end Apartheid and became South Africa’s first democratically elected President in 1994 (after 27 years in jail) but also launched the Make Poverty History Campaign in London in 2005.

At the launch of the campaign Mandela said “Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.”

The campaign resulted in a huge effort worldwide to halve global poverty through promises from rich countries to increase aid by tens of billions of dollars, improve trade rules and cancel the debts of many poor countries.

Oxfam Australia works in South Africa mainly on HIV / AIDS, food security and water and sanitation projects.

The celebration will take place at Morley Recreation Centre on 12th July starting at 6.30pm.  Tickets are $50 limited and include dinner and a floorshow. We recommend people get in early.

Please email Ses Sayer to book tickets at or call 0401 479 163