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Grow a garden in the desert


In the middle of Mozambique, hunger is a daily reality. Severe drought makes it extremely difficult to grow nutritious food. As many as 44% of children under five in Mozambique are stunted (WHO, 2013).

In the video above, we meet Tereza and her family. When food runs low, Tereza turns to burning charcoal and selling it by the side of the road as a source of income. Despite the labour and hard work, it’s  still difficult to provide the food her children need — as well as clothing and education.

For women like Tereza, there is often no other alternative. But thanks to people like you, Oxfam is working with communities in Tereza’s region to establish community gardens to provide nutritious food and a source of income.

Your donation could provide Tereza with drought-resistant seeds, gardening tools, organic fertiliser, or even help install a rainwater harvesting system to keep her new garden growing.