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Your view of the world — captured and shared

Milena smiles at the and makes a peace sign with her hands. Milena is from Youth Empowerment for Future (YEFF), who are advocating for a more diversified economy and specific budgetary support for agriculture in Timor-Leste, at their farm in Hera, outside Dili.

In October 2023, we sent our six-monthly Supporter Satisfaction Survey out to a representative group of our most active supporters to help us understand what we’re doing well, and what we could improve on. It specifically addressed overall satisfaction as well as supporter effort. This gave us learnings and feedback that we can build into our programs and ensures that our supporters have the best possible experience interacting with us. 

Overall, we found that 83% of respondents were satisfied with their experiences engaging with Oxfam, and that 77% of respondents found it easy to interact with Oxfam. 

Following on from the survey, we ran ten focus groups with a diverse group of supporters in November, with over 100 people participating. From these sessions, we were able to better understand details behind the key themes that surfaced in the earlier survey. 

Some of the topics covered were, understanding how people first came to support and choose Oxfam Australia, what their motivators and drivers were, and what they thought and felt about our communications methods and frequency.  We also discussed options around what supporters would like to know more about in relation to our work, and what matters most to them with respect to what is the most important content for them. We talked about what supporters would like to see us do differently going forward, especially in relation to where and how donations are allocated.  

We were delighted to discover that very high numbers of our donors felt that the way we spent their contributions and the areas we focused on in terms of our humanitarian aid were very well aligned to their own values and areas of interest.  It was also very pleasing to hear that supporters felt very positive about the level of trust and integrity Oxfam Australia displays in how it conducts its work. 

To close the loop on this incredibly important supporter feedback, reports are being shared with everyone in the organisation from our Executive leadership team to “Lunch and Learn” sessions being scheduled with our staff. 

Thanks so much to all of the participants and responders who took the time to help us do more to ensure that being an Oxfam Supporter is as rewarding and fulfilling experience as possible. 

Keep an eye out for the annual satisfaction survey coming out to you via email in April. We would love to see as many of you as possible complete the survey so we can keep improving and ensure we are aligned with our supporters.