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What we plan to achieve

ur work has one purpose: to dramatically improve the lives of people living in poverty. To achieve this, we respond swiftly and effectively to humanitarian crises, support people to claim their rights, and work to bring about significant and long-term changes in the policies and practices of governments, corporations and institutions.

Our current strategic plan, The Power of People Against Poverty, gives us a clear focus for our work by articulating six goals to change the world, and six goals to change how we work. Developed in consultation with our supporters, members, state committees, volunteers, staff and our Board, the plan will guide our work from the beginning of 2014 through to the end of 2019.

Six goals to change the world

These goals focus on how we can save lives before, during, and after humanitarian crises; work with people and communities to support their development; and influence governments, institutions and businesses to develop and implement laws, policies and practices that help people rise out of poverty.

  • the right to be heard
  • gender justice
  • saving lives
  • sustainable food
  • fair sharing of natural resources
  • finance for development

Six goals to change how we work

These goals aim to improve our internal operations and the quality of our programs — to increase the impact of our work.

  • a worldwide influencing network
  • program quality
  • accountability
  • investing in people
  • cost-effectiveness
  • income growth

Find out more about our strategic direction.