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Fundraising for schools

After more than 2 decades Oxfam’s school program has closed.
Our commitment to tackling poverty and empowering communities continues.
The resources on these pages will no longer be updated.

September 2019.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering working with Oxfam to help tackle poverty together. Thank you!

At Oxfam Australia, we love working with people — teachers, students and school communities — who are passionate about making a difference and taking action to change minds, systems and lives.

We want your time taking action with Oxfam to be as meaningful, successful and fun as possible. So we’ve developed some new student and teacher fundraising guides. They’re our one-stop-shop for fundraising with maximum impact!

These guides will help you involve everyone, make sure everyone understands why they’re raising money and where it goes, and explore educational best practice.

Fundraising Action Guide for students

Can students really make a difference? Totally, and our Fundraising Action Guide for students gives you all ideas, tips and tricks you’ll need – whether you want do something small or make a splash with a big action!

Download the Fundraising Action Guide

Fundraising guide for teachers

Raising money can be a springboard to help young people become active global citizens. It can help students of all ages learn more about global issues, develop essential skills to change the world around them, and understand more about the work of organisations like Oxfam.

This guide looks at educational practice when fundraising at school, suggests ways to support high levels of student participation and student-driven activities, explore who Oxfamis and how money raised helps, and gives you practical teaching ideas and support.

Download the Fundraising Guide for teachers