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Photo: Peter Izzard/OxfamAUS

Educating for change blog: Active citizenship and social justice in your classroom

Oxfam’s Educating for change is designed to help Australian teachers and students bring the power of people against poverty to their schools. The blog features engaging ideas and stories from schools around the nation who are working with Oxfam Australia.

Educators will find:

  • First-hand stories from students and schools about their projects and activities
  • Your school activities being showcased across the nation
  • Inspiration for teaching activities and resources, with creative ideas to get young people involved and taking action
  • Ways to get more involved with Oxfam – in the classroom, for professional development and to help shape our work
  • More information about Oxfam’s Schools Program

Students will find:

  • A chance to write for us and showcase their creative/writing skills
  • Information on how they can make a real impact on the world
  • Coverage of their school events
  • Links to articles, blogs and videos on global issues and social justice

Visit the Educating for change blog