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Food 4 Thought – Teacher’s Notes

How do students make ethical and informed decisions to address real-world issues? How do they express their ideas to create positive social change?

Oxfam Australia’s interactive online resource, Food 4 Thought, aims to support students to become ethical, informed and active global citizens through the study of English and Geography.

Food 4 Thought incorporates the Australian Curriculum: English and Australian Curriculum: Geography with social justice and active global citizenship.

Two English programs have been developed for Year 7–10, and one Geography program for Year 9, using an inquiry-based approach to provide flexibility for educators to align the learning sequences with their individual pedagogy and the needs of the learners.

Including research reports, youth-generated blogs, infographics, celebrity video-diaries, photo essays, campaign materials, press releases, animations and more — Oxfam is uniquely placed to provide texts and data for study that present an authentic voice to explore social justice themes.

Teacher’s notes

Student learning platform

Student learning platform

We’ve developed a separate, safe learning space for students to access, in and out of the classroom. Direct your students to

Students are able to access:

  • Learning sequences housed online or in print and tablet-friendly downloadable PDFs
  • Supporting materials
  • An interactive glossary
  • Links to relevant websites and other source material, and
  • Opportunities to contribute their work and view the work of other students


Students will gain knowledge on social justice issues that relate to the global food system. Key issues featured in the texts include the role of climate change on food production, women in farming, fluctuating food prices, the issue of land grabs and more.