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Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala

Enjoying the show? Donate now to tackle the inequalities that keep people in poverty.

Want to support Australia’s comedy scene and support Oxfam to end poverty? We’ve got just the show for you.

The Comedy Gala is a must-watch event on thousands of Australian’s calendars — but did you know that proceeds from tickets sales go directly to supporting Oxfam’s work? 

If you were lucky enough to score Comedy Gala tickets, you are joining a global movement of people working together to eliminate poverty by tackling inequality.

Watch the Comedy Festival Gala in 2024

Missed out on tickets for this year? You can catch the laughs on ABC TV on March 27 or on ABC iView from April. 

If you want to celebrate Oxfam and Celebrate Oxfam’s long and proud relationship with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, you can also chip in to the Oxfam’s appeal for the Gala and support our vital work. 

By donating to the appeal, you can help to create a future without the inequalities that keep people in poverty.