Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala

A good laugh is a mighty good thing!

Get your fill of both giggles AND goodness yet again when Oxfam teams up with Melbourne International Comedy Festival for this year’s Comedy Gala. We’re delighted to announce that all funds raised will go towards Oxfam’s Straight Talk program – empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to be forces for positive, self-governed change in their communities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are far more likely to experience poverty than other Australians, as well as unemployment, incarceration, disability and chronic illness.

With support from amazing people like you, we can deliver programs that tackle this inequality and empower First Peoples with the tools and leadership skills they need to become proud change-makers in their communities and nationally.

This year, the Festival runs from 24 March to 18 April and marks 25 poverty-tackling years of partnership with Oxfam. Here’s how you can get involved:



Make change with spare change

Poverty and inequality are no laughing matter. But what if your giggles could improve someone’s life?

Round up a few dollars with your ticket price when purchasing a ticket to a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show  — and make change happen with your spare change.

While you settle in to enjoy the show, your gift will be busy at work, helping Oxfam tackle poverty and inequality.


So go on… give a gift, have a giggle.

Want to do more?

Kindness is just as contagious as laughter. Hit the button below to find out about the amazing change you can create with a more substantial gift.