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Samphin Village, Koh Regniew, Cambodia

Sambor Dam

Sambor is a district of Kratie, Cambodia where people have lived for generations off the abundant natural resources of the Mekong – rice from the land, fish from the river, and a wealth of goods and materials from the forest. Sambor means ‘plenty’.

In 2006 the Cambodian Government signed an agreement with the China Southern Power Grid Company to explore the feasibility of a massive hydropower dam on the Mekong River in Sambor. The proposed dam would export electricity to Vietnam or Thailand.

If built, the Sambor Hydropower Dam will force the relocation of more than 19,000 people – nearly all of whom are small-scale farmers and fishers.

What is Oxfam doing?

Oxfam Australia has been working in the Mekong region for more than 20 years. We support a network of local and non-government organisations across the six countries in the region, linking grassroots village work with international and regional organisations.

Oxfam is an active member of global campaigning group Save the Mekong Coalition. We’re taking action by writing to the Australian Government, a member donor of the Mekong River Commission.

We’re also ensuring that communities know their rights regarding major development decisions that affect their environment and their access to the Mekong’s vital resources.