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Right to Refuge

Everyone deserves to live in safety. And everyone has the right to seek refuge when their safety and dignity is threatened.

Right now, more than 65 million people worldwide have been forced to leave their homes to be free from war and persecution. Millions more are on the move fleeing violence, famine and natural disasters.

These people seeking refuge are people like you, who have seen their lives upended by extraordinary circumstances.

In many cases, they’ve lost their homes, loved ones and life as they knew it.

Right now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to protect the lives of refugees and migrants.

That’s why we need you. We need to build a huge global movement around the world to make governments step up their game – and deliver on their promise.

World leaders must deliver on their commitment to support the rights of refugee and migrants’ rights

As generous people we can and should do more. Do your bit now – and make sure world leaders do theirs.

Head to our campaign resources to get active in your community.