Oxfam’s Student Community

Calling all students who have the passion, commitment, drive and energy to work towards a just world without poverty – host an Oxfam event in your school today!

Oxfam Australia produces a range of term projects, aligned with issues of global importance and national days of action.

These DIY projects are designed to be student-led, action-based and scalable to suit your school and context. Get inspired to take individual and collective action in your school!

Host a National Close the Gap Day event in support of Indigenous health equality (Key moment: March)

Join the Fashion Revolution and demand transparency in the garment industry (Key moment: April)

Host a Fairtrade morning tea (and heaps more ideas!) (Key moment: May)

Take the $1 Day Water Challenge (Key moment: May)

Host a Hunger Banquet and take part in a first-hand experience of the inequalities in our global food system (Key moment: October)

Please note: all of these events can be hosted throughout the school year, however many of them have a ‘key moment’. If you are able to host the event then, it will have the most collective impact. Contact us for more details.

3things Action Guides – Coming Soon!

Explore what other actions you can take throughout the year with our 3things Action Guides! Discover small, medium and big actions to tailor each activity to your particular context.

  • Intro to 3things
  • Fundraising
  • Campaigning
  • Social Media for Social Justice
  • Fair trade