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Gaza Crisis - Donate to Gaza Now

Voices October 2020

Thanks to you...

With support and solidarity from caring people like you, we’ve changed so many people’s lives for the better. Around the world, we are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, head-on. We’ve joined forces with local partners in 66 countries to give more than 4 million people the water, food, hygiene training and emergency supplies they need to survive the health crisis.
Below, you’ll meet some of the many women, men and children around the globe who are surviving the crisis and thriving, thanks to you. From Bangladesh to Timor-Leste to Mozambique, your donations are having a positive impact across the world, and also here at home. May these tales of survival, triumph and resilience put a smile on your face, and reassure you that we really are all in this together.
Thank you.