Food & climate

Extreme weather = extreme hunger

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to ending global hunger.

Weather patterns are getting more extreme and unreliable, and it’s playing havoc with food production. As our planet heats up, the forecast is more hunger.

Big polluters are causing climate change to worsen. They’re putting our food, water and health at risk and making huge profits at the expense of poor communities.

The coal industry is one of the worst offenders.

At the same time, the Australian Government is shirking its responsibility.

Our government is still to take the action required to curb Australia’s carbon pollution. And they continue to swim against the global tide, which is moving away from coal and towards renewable energy. We are failing in our global responsibility to provide support for poorer countries, so they can meet the challenges of climate change and so that their farmers can adapt.

Working together to beat the heat

Fortunately, millions of us are choosing a different future, and women are leading the way.

Many communities, businesses and countries are racing ahead with renewable energy solutions. They’re leap-frogging outdated and polluting forms of energy like coal.

Farmers and families are adapting. They’re working hard to safeguard their food, water and land. They are building their resilience in the face of escalating climate impacts. At the same time, they’re showing leadership and courage in calling for stronger action from the global community.

We are supporting local organisations, communities and governments to do this in countries like Timor-Leste, the Philippines, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

We’re hungry for climate action and so are millions of people around the world.