This is Climate Action

Around the world, people are choosing a different future and taking action against climate change.

Although the Australian Government are yet to tackle climate change, local communities are taking up the challenge. Some in preparation for the future shocks of climate change, others in response to the impacts already being felt.

They are also working harder than ever to hold the international community to account.

Climate change resilience

Exposed to multiple hazards that include tropical cyclones, and with 80% of the population reliant on farming, Vanuatu is at risk from the impacts of climate change. In March 2015, Vanuatu suffered a direct hit from severe Cyclone Pam, one of the most powerful cyclones ever to hit the region.

Oxfam Australia is working in Vanuatu through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership’s Disaster Ready program to strengthen resilience, disaster preparedness and response.  This four and a half year program (2018-2022) is working closely with government and three local partners to strengthen resilience at the community level, establish a cash transfer after disasters capability, and enhance humanitarian coordination.

Women at the forefront of change

Women are often at the forefront of the climate change adaptation programs needed to ensure their families and communities get enough to eat.

We support women and their communities to understand and plan for escalating climate impacts. We are campaigning for stronger action to mitigate climate change and for funds that will enable communities to adapt to the changes that have already taken place.