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Nestle – Not so pure

Nestle claims to endorse the pure life, but dirty practices continue at the factories that produce its products

Almost 10,000 people have joined the campaign to get Nestle to respect trade union rights in Indonesia.

The IUF began the online campaign after 53 union members at the company’s factory in Panjang, Indonesia were fired as part of an ongoing wage dispute. The international union has demanded the reinstatement of the workers and an end to such extreme tactics from factory management.

The incident is far from the first time Nestle has undermined its workers’ right to organise. At its Kabirwala facility in Pakistan union leaders have repeatedly been suspended and the company has instigated a campaign of provocation and intimidation against union members and officers.

The IUF is calling on all supporters of workers’ rights to write to Nestle management demanding they reinstate the fired workers, cease their attempts at intimidation and uphold the right to freedom of association at its facilities throughout the world.

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