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Big W step towards a living wage

Garment worker sewing in Bangladesh

Big W Australia recently announced the next step in their commitment to a living wage for the women who make our clothes.

The brand joined Action Collaboration Transformation (ACT) in May 2020 – a global initiative bringing together brands and unions to work towards living wages for the women who make our clothes, through collective bargaining.

Congratulations Big W!

Congratulations Big W What She Makes

They join a growing list of brands who have started the journey to ensure the women who make our clothes are paid enough to cover the basics of living. We look forward to Big W releasing their timelines for action.

None of this could happen without our amazing community who care about What She Makes. Together, let’s continue to stand with the women who make our clothes, so they no longer have to live in poverty.

For more information on why we are tackling poverty in the fashion industry, visit our What She Makes website. Or check out the company tracker to see where Australia’s big fashion brands stand in their commitment to a living wage – and who is being naughty or nice.


If you haven’t already, sign up for our campaign to end poverty in the fashion industry.

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