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Resources for teachers

Oxfam Australia’s range of interactive education resources and opportunities help equip students with the knowledge, skills and values to actively participate in a globalised and digitally connected world. Teachers and students can explore global perspectives, social justice and active citizenship in relevant and meaningful ways.

Resources are produced in consultation with teachers and students to ensure they are relevant, appealing and are in line with current trends in pedagogy, popular youth culture, digital technologies and the Australian Curriculum requirements for Key Learning Areas. Content areas address the three Cross-Curricular Priorities and include but are not limited to; poverty, social justice, climate change, gender, Indigenous rights, ethical fashion, food equity and sustainability.

Oxfam Australia is uniquely placed to provide materials for study that present authentic and credible voices to explore these themes. Source materials include video, animation, blogs, photo-stories, infographics, statistics, stories from the field and more.

Oxfam Australia acknowledges that students often feel overwhelmed by and disconnected from global issues. Resources are designed to ensure problems presented are supported by solutions. Students are supported to build their confidence and capacity to make ethical, sustainable and informed choices to help shape solutions to global problems at a local, national or global level.


Term Two Featured Resource: Fairtrade

During Term Two, your students can explore the issue of Fairtrade, and how global trade, government and company practices can influence if farmers and people in developing countries are lifted out of poverty. Through our Fairtrade action guide, videos from the field, facts and tips, recipes and more, students can learn more about the issue and how they can use their consumer power to make a difference.

Classroom resources

Oxfam has a range of innovative resources for teachers and students to explore issues surrounding poverty, justice and global active citizenship in ways that are relevant and appealing.

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Educating for change blog

Check out the latest news via the Schools Program blog to see how schools around Australia are taking action in their communities to change the world, together with Oxfam.


3things, Oxfam’s youth movement

What 3 small actions can you take, everyday, to make the world a better place? 3things supports young people aged 15 to 25 to become active global citizens through linking the local to the global, creating a community of young people across Australia, explaining issues in down-to-earth ways, and encouraging them to ask questions and take action!

Oxfam’s Schools Program Newsletter – Sign up here

Oxfam’s Schools Program Newsletter features news, ideas, resources, events and tools for bringing social justice and active citizenship into your classroom and throughout your school.

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