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Fair Trade


Trade has the power to generate incredible wealth, and elevate people out of poverty. So why then are millions of people still so poor?  The fact is, something’s very wrong with world trade, and Oxfam is committed to putting it right.

The great news is, there is so much that ordinary Australians can to help! As consumers, young people are incredibly powerful – what we choose to buy shapes the world we live in, and can literally change someone’s life for the better.

Appropriate across all secondary year levels, Oxfam’s materials support the ‘Learn, Think, Act’ methodology of teaching for global citizenship. This gives young people the opportunity to learn about issues facing them and the globe, think critically about what can be done about this issue and how to solve it, and act as responsible and ethical global citizens.

The materials can be incorporated across subjects and learning areas such as Humanities and Social Science subjects like Business, Economics, Commerce and Civics and Citizenship, as well as Global Politics, Home Economics and Food Technology, as well as general capabilities such as ethical understanding, personal and social capability and intercultural understanding.

Labour Rights: Behind the seams

Why do people work? Does it matter whether they are treated fairly? What are labour rights anyway?

These are some of the questions explored in this interactive student resource. Utilising examples from the global labour rights movement, explore global standards for the rights of workers, and how these can be moved from policy to practice. With unique examples taken from Oxfam’s decades of experience in this sector, students are challenged to learn, think and act on work and wages both locally and globally.

Labour Rights: Behind the Seams student workbook

Labour Rights: Behind the Seams teacher notes

Oxfam Shop Producer Partners presentation

Classroom Presentations — Oxfam Shop: Why fair trade Matters

Our DIY presentations, produced as handy PDFs, explore how the Oxfam Shop operates as a social enterprise within Australia; as well as the fair trade principles we adhere to. Each presentation includes videos to bring the stories to life and go for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your presenting speed and style.

  • Year 7-10 Business students: Presentation sides|Script
    This presentation explores four of our producer partners in a simple, interactive way.
  • Year 11-12 Business students: Presentation slides|Script
    This presentation explores three producer partners and examines their supply chains, business operations, and also how Oxfam works with smaller producer partners to help prepare them for global markets.

Fair trade resources


One Cup: One journey poster
This downloadable A3 poster takes you on an adventure to follow the process of how Oxfam’s Fair coffee is produced, from the farmer in Timor Leste to your cup in Australia. You can also place your order to receive an A3 colour version of the poster.

Fair trade action guide
Our action guides for students take a creative look at different local and global issues. We know everyone’s different which is why you can pick a small, medium or big action to change the world, your way. Great Fairtrade bake-off at your school, anyone?

Sock monkey central: Visit Woza Moya in South Africa
Woza Moya are one of Oxfam Shop’s newest producer partners and the suppliers of our beautifully hand-crafted sock monkeys! We head to the Ufafa Valley in South Africa to hear how Woza Moya provides care and support for people living with HIV.

Love your work: Visit Wakami in Guatamala
Wakami is another one of Oxfam Shop’s producer partners, and they supply us with gorgeous handmade jewellery. Watch some of the women they work with talk about how having fair, meaningful work has changed their lives. This lovely infographic also shows the process of how working Wakami improves their lives.

Handcrafts with heart: Visit Mahaguthi in Nepal
Mahaguthi markets the handicrafts of more than 1,000 Nepali artists, and are one of Oxfam Shop’s producer partners. Not only to the artisans receive medical  and education allowances, paid leave and maternity leave, a significant portion of Mahaguthi’s profit goes to Tulsi Mehar Mahila Ashram, a shelter home for women and children focusing on rehabilitation. Read updates from Mahaguthi after the recent Nepal Earthquake here.

Make the switch to Fairtrade
Take action at your school by stocking Fairtrade tea, coffee and other items in your canteen, common rooms, staffroom and dining halls.

Our stories
Want to know exactly who makes our amazing Fairtrade chocolate spread and blocks of chocolate? Presenting Manduvira and Jose!

Recipes with a conscience

Doing good tastes amazing! Check out some Fairtrade recipes – great inspiration for your school’s great Fairtrade bake off!

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