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Action starts with acknowledgement: Closing the Gap with Indigenous health education

Kelly Langford, an Indigenous medical student, witnessed the heartbreaking burden of diabetes in her community and was inspired to take action. Read more »
Tully Close the Gap

Schools in Action: Tully State School Close the Gap on Indigenous Health Inequality

Students at Tully State School in Northern Queensland were given ownership over their National Close the Gap Day event, and managed to grab the attention of their entire community. Read more »

Sol’s second chance

Sol Bellear, a Land Rights legend and a pioneer of Aboriginal media, sports legal and health services, says that nothing now matters as much to him as overcoming heart disease amongst Aboriginal men. Read more »

If you’re Indigenous, enter politics

After participating in Straight Talk, Shelley Cable realised that as an Indigenous woman, she has the experience and ability to make change on a national scale. Read more »

The fight for Aboriginal land rights continues

Cissy grew up seeing her elders fighting for the rights of Aboriginal people – and she is now one of many leading this fight. Read more »

Will this election bring change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples?

There have been significant cuts in the past two budgets affecting Indigenous health and legal aid services. Eddie Cubillo, 2015 National Indigenous Legal Professional of the year, hopes this election will bring justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Read more »
Oxfam staff members gather for National Close the Gap Day

After 228 years, we need some vision

The current Federal Government promised a more proactive approach by placing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs within the Prime Minister’s Department and within Cabinet. But that bold start has now well and truly stalled. Read more »
A group of Indigenous Australians cheering

Australian students shine a light on Indigenous health equality

Oxfam’s Schools Program social media volunteer and guest blogger, Benjamin Clark, reveals the top entries from the 2016 Close the Gap Instagram challenge, all created by Australian students. Read more »
National Close the Gap participants hold a banner in support of Indigenous health equality

5 sad, frustrating, and extraordinary things we should all know about Indigenous health

After another National Close the Gap Day, we take a look at what you’ve achieved and what still needs to be done to achieve Indigenous health equality. Read more »

Five ways to a healthy future for all Australians

Today on National Close the Gap Day, take one or more of these five actions to show your support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality. Read more »