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ChangeCourse participant Rhett Burraston is the NSW/ACT young achiever of the year

In 2012, Rhett Burraston was selected to participate in the ChangeCourse program — a program run by Oxfam that provides opportunities for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to proactively effect change within their communities. Today, Rhett runs an after-school sports program in his hometown of Airds, which works with Aboriginal kids over the long-term, ensuring they are happy, healthy and have goals for the future. Most recently he was awarded the NSW/ACT Young Achiever of the Year.

A shocking record on Indigenous incarceration

It’s a shocking record – one that’s devastating lives and tearing communities apart. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are 13 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Indigenous people. Arrente man Des Rogers’s story is an all-too-common one. Imprisoned at the age of fourteen, Des was “thrown back into a world of hopelessness” and […]

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