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Our promise to you

Including a bequest in your Will to Oxfam is one of the best ways to support our work.

In return, we promise you that:

  • Every dollar you give will be stretched as far as possible. We will spend your gift efficiently and cost-effectively so it has the most impact.
  • We will respect your privacy and look after your gift to us with sensitivity and care.
  • We know that your decision is yours alone and that circumstances can change. You may, of course, change your mind about your gift to Oxfam at any time in the future.
  • We will remain secular, transparent and accountable.
  • We’d love to hear if you’ve chosen to include us in your Will — but you don’t have to tell us. If you do choose to let us know, we’d really just like to say thank you.
  • We’d also like to give you the choice about how we contact you in the future. That way we can keep you connected to the life-changing work your gift will make possible.
  • We are always here. If there is anything you want to know about your gift to us, or the communities you are helping to thrive, please get in touch.
  • With the help of supporters like you, we’ve been able to transform countless lives over the past six decades. In the last 20 years alone, over 660 million people have risen out of poverty; yet still one third of the world continues to live below the poverty line. But we know we can improve that statistic.

Together, we can keep making sure that change is possible — with a bequest in your Will to Oxfam, you can help change the world.

If you’d like to discuss your gift or would like further information please call us on 1800 088 110 or email

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