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After more than 2 decades Oxfam’s school program has closed. Our commitment to tackling poverty and empowering communities continues. The resources on these pages will no longer be updated.
– September 2019.

Oxfam Australia’s Schools Program

Oxfam Australia’s research and experience shows young people play a crucial role in creating a just world, without poverty. But many can feel overwhelmed by the scale of global problems, lack knowledge on specific issues, or are unaware of the opportunities to take action and make a genuine contribution. We also know that many teachers understand the importance of integrating global issues into the classroom, but often feel ill-equipped to do so.

That’s why all Oxfam’s Learn, Think, Act model of global citizenship.

It’s also why we’ve produced a range of term projects, aligned with issues of global importance and national days of action. These DIY projects for students are designed to be student-led, action-based and scalable to suit your school and context. Our projects inspire students to take individual and collective action in their schools and communities.

And it’s why we’ve got a Teacher Community, where globally-minded educators can get inspired, informed, connected and get teaching confidently on global issues.